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Introductions & Personal Information: Literacy - Beginning ESL

In this section you will find the following types of curriculum & instructional support materials for Begining Literacy - High Beginning ESL (Levels 0-2):


  • Introductions Curriculum: Complete Curriculum to get you started!  Includes a Unit Map, Benchmarks, and Unit Plan w/ Activity descriptions and available (& suggested) Teaching Materials. 
  • Sections 0.5-6: Multi-level Teaching Materials for each section of the unit.
  • Final Product: Materials needed for the final unit activity/simulation
document Introductions Curriculum   --  Complete Curriculum: Unit Map, Benchmarks, Unit Plan w/ Activities and a list of Teaching Materials
document Section 0.5   --  Unit Goals & Start up activities
document Section 1   --  Meeting Classmates
document Section 2   --  Introduction to School
document Section 3   --  Personal Information Forms
document Section 4   --  Interviewing Classmates
document Section 5   --  Sharing Jobs & Job Status
document Section 6   --  Numeracy: Counting, reading & recording Phone Numbers & Dates
document Final Product   --  Final Unit Product (Culminating Activity)