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Your email is available on one of the following district servers. Please make note of which number you are on as this page may not always be accessible.

You can access your email by typing "spps_.spps.org" into a browser like Mozilla Firefox (fill in the "_" after "spps" with your server number, if any. Example: spps4.spps.org). 

Your user name is your first name (space) last name (Example: Jane Doe).
Your email address is your first name (dot/period) your last name @spps.org (Example: jane.doe@spps.org)

Please note that your server number is not part of your email address. It is only used when you want to access your email from the Internet.

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SPPS 3 Server  
SPPS 4 Server  
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SPPS 6 Server  
SPPS 7 Server