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A. Course Title


B. Course Objectives:

Prepare students for the US Citizenship interview components. Citizenship students will learn civics and interview material and reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to equip them to pass the interview.

Note: Hubbs instructors and volunteers are NOT to help students fill out their applications or coach them in how to answer the yes/no questions from the applications.

C. Learner Prerequisites:

·        CASAS =  201+

D. Learner Benchmarks:

Master USCIS Interview Components:

  • Check in and oath
  • Conversation
  • Verbal response to application (aka N400 or yes/no) questions
  • Reading test
  • Writing test
  • Civics test

While the official interview is the ultimate test of mastery, we can document achievement in these areas (not including check in and oath) via mock interviews at Hubbs.

E. Assessments:

·        USCIS Citizenship Interview

F. Recommended Resources:

Core text: 

Citizenship: Passing the Test, Civics and Literacy by Lynne Weintraub.  New Readers Press, © 2009.

Supporting resources:

Citizenship: Ready for the Interview (textbook and audio CD), Weintraub for New Readers press.

USCIS Flashcards

U.S. Citizen Yes: Interactive Citizenship Preparation by Ron Magy

Content Area ESL: Social Studies by Dennis Terdy

Stand Out 3 Activity Book , Heinle and Neinle 2002 (copies in prepared folders)

Online resources:

USCIS site, Citizenship and Naturalization resources.  Free. USCIS home page: www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis

Study for the US Citizenship Test site. Subscription, requires user name and login. Home page: www.uscitizenship.org/ site, best materials on “practice” page. User name: citizenVW96, Password: study69A.

EL Civics.  Free.  EL Civics home page: http://www.elcivics.com

LearnerWeb.  Free, teacher use requires setup with tech team, student use requires set up from tech team and teacher. Home page: www.learnerweb.org.  Link to St. Paul site: https://www.learnerweb.org/LearnerWeb/LearnerWeb.html?region=spclc#REGION_HOME_PAGE

F. Typical Class Activities:

·        Individual study in the Citizenship book

·        Teacher lecture/demonstration about topics from the Citizenship book

·        Support activities to encourage active learning

·        Quizzes from the Citizenship book

·        Pair/small group practice with USCIS flashcards for Civics test

·        Dictation practice for writing test

·        Read-aloud practice for reading test

·        Mock interviews (volunteer does one-on-one pull-outs)

·        Review games

·        Listening/reading/writing practice to understand application and interview procedures and strategies with the Ready for the Interview CD and book

·        “Translation” and class discussion of the application questions (questions only, no recommended answers)