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Distance Learning at the Hubbs Center

Study at home and online.

  • Learn English.
  • Prepare for college.
  • Prepare for the GED tests.
  • Learn online at your own pace, anytime.
  • Distance Learning is for you!
ANYONE can apply to be a distance learner, even if you’re not a current student at the Hubbs Center. To enroll in Distance Learning, you must be able to come to the Hubbs Center, in St. Paul, to take a reading and/or math assessment test. You must also be able to commit to our requirements for working independently. To apply and learn more, complete this application.

Email sarah.rorvick@spps.org or julia.tabbut@spps.org or adam.kieffer@spps.org for more information.

·        Hubbs Center Distance Learning Office Hours   Room 1419 (in the DEL)

Monday:  12:00pm - 7:00pm

Tuesday:  8:30am - 1:30pm 

Wednesday:  CLOSED

Thursday:  8:00am - 5:30pm

Friday:  CLOSED

·        Hub@Harding DL Office Hours

DL Office is in the Student Lounge

Tuesday: 8:15-10:15am and Friday: 8:15am-1:15pm (in the computer lab, room 1606)

Email adam.kieffer@spps.org for more information.

After XYZ, this lab is open for those who want to improve their digital literacy and independent learning skills and work on their distance learning program. Email Manee Thao at manee.thao@spps.org for more information.
Online DL Programs Video Overviews

Distance Learning Teachers

Adam, Pam, Kiara, Julia, Sarah and Natasha.