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Rose Santos, Principal

631 N Albert St., Saint Paul, MN 55104

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

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2016-2017 Family Engagement Plan

  •     leap letterhead

    School Introduction:     

    The Family Engagement Plan (FEP) is organized into four impact areas. We will be working together this year to build positive and goal-oriented relationships in each area. Families and staff at school developed this plan together.

    Welcoming Environment

    Our school has staff member(s) available for families to discuss this plan and ask questions

    • Family Liaison:      

    Our school communicates with families in many ways.

    • Share the best way for families to be informed about what's happening at school - for example: "All student work and important papers come home in a Friday Folder" or "Our monthly newsletter is full of important information for families" or "Watch our school's website for important information."    

    • Share the customer service expectation at your school - for example: "When families call, email, or send a note, we do our best to respond within 24 hours."    

    The achievement gap, or rather the “opportunity gap,” between students of color and white students in Saint Paul Public Schools is unacceptable. Our school is working to change practices and systems by identifying the barriers that make it harder for students of color to succeed and for their families to support their learning.

    • For more about our work on racial equity, contact:      

    Transitions between schools can be challenging, and we work to help families as their children start and leave our school.

    For new students and families, we support the transition by:

    • Describe orientation, shadowing, open house, meet the teacher, and other efforts that families should know about.    

    • Elementary schools: outline specific coordination with Head Start and other preschool programs    

    For students and families moving to the next school in their pathway, we support the transition by:

    • Describe visits, etc    

    • Secondary schools: outline college and career programs and support available (dual credit, CTE, etc)    


    Family Partnerships

    Our school-parent compact establishes the shared responsibility for student success between the school, families, and students. Families and teachers work together to develop the compact.

    • Copies of the compact are available: List the places/events where parents will receive the compact, and upload a copy of the compact to the SCIP    

    • The compact will be updated:      

    There are many opportunities for families to build connections to the school and to each other.

    • Title I Annual Meeting where we will share information about school programs      

    • Regular parent meetings, family nights, coffee with the Principal, muffins with mom     

    • National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID) will be on February 13, 2017, Hmong New Year, or other annual cultural events     

    • Parent Teacher Home Visit Project, if school participates    

    We work to make these meetings and events available for every family in the school.

    • Describe the process for translation and interpretation    

    • Describe the flexible number of meetings, whether childcare, food, or transportation will be available    

    • Describe the specific outreach strategies for families of English Learners    

    Our school supports families as advocates and provides opportunities for parent leadership

    • What is the process for parents to follow if they have concerns about their child's learning?    

    •  Describe how staff will receive professional development about working with families    

    • Describe how families will be involved in planning for school improvement and family engagement    

    Parent Academy provides the foundation of parents’ information and skills for becoming more involved in our school.

    • Parent Academy will be held in:      


    Teaching and Learning

    Our school shares information about student achievement with families in multiple ways

    • Report cards and progress reports will be distributed how, when?    

    • Parent-Teacher conferences are held      

    • Elementary Schools: Provide specific information on students’ reading in K-3, if not at grade level    

    • Curriculum nights, Parent Portal workshops, college planning nights,     

    • Family nights – specifically aligned with SCIP goals    

    • Elementary Schools: Provide specific ways families can help build reading skills at home in K-3, if not at grade level   

    Our school will engage families in Personalized Learning as a key strategy to accelerate student achievement, as these changes come to our school

    • Parent Portal is available by contacting:      

    • iPads - provide any information that parents need to know about iPads at your school 

    Many before- and after-school enrichment and support opportunities are available for students

    • List programs that provide academic or applied academic support for students    


    Community Partnerships

    Our school develops community partnerships to provide additional support for students and their families

    • List partners and their programs, especially academic programs    


    This plan is available as part of our school’s SCIP, or School Comprehensive Improvement Plan, at, or on our school website at, and printed copies are available in the office.