Dr. Fatima Lawson, Principal

2188 Londin Lane, Saint Paul, MN 55119

651-744-3290 | Get Directions

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Ali, Ahmed English Language Teacher ahmed.ali@spps.org 651-744-7126
Ali, Khadra Educational Assistant khadra.ali@spps.org
Anderson, Paul R Fifth Grade Teacher paul.r.anderson@spps.org 651-744-3302
Beisang, Kim Nutrition Services kim.beisang@spps.org 651-744-3515
Bixby, Rebecca Teaching Assistant rebecca.bixby@spps.org
Bjostad, Matt Second Grade Teacher matthew.bjostad@spps.org 651-744-5658
Bollmann, Amy Nutrition Services amy.bollmann@spps.org 651-744-3342
Chavez, Karen Nutrition Services karen.chavez@spps.org 651-744-3515
Clancy, Sara Third Grade Teacher sara.clancy@spps.org 651-744-3347
Dickerman, Amy First Grade Teacher amy.dickerman@spps.org 651-744-7163
Ferris, Heather Teaching Assistant heather.ferris@spps.org
Hill, Tom Head Engineer tom.hill@spps.org 651-744-3350
Johnson, Ginny Speech Teacher virginia.johnson@spps.org 651-744-3066
Kiflai, Feven School Nurse feven.kiflai@spps.org 651-744-7635
Kindred, Diane Teaching Assistant diane.kindred@spps.org
Komro, Ricky Teaching Assistant ricky.komro@spps.org
Korynta, Laura ELL Teacher laura.korynta@spps.org 651-744-2108
Larson, Kendra First Grade Teacher kendra.larson@spps.org 651-744-6256
Lee, Andrew 4th grade teacher andrew.lee@spps.org 651-744-4166
Lissimore, Antoinette Educational Assistant antoinette.lissimore@spps.org
Mattlin, Andria Third Grade Teacher andria.mattlin@spps.org 651-744-3377
Parenteau, Paulette Kindergarten Teacher paulette.parenteau@spps.org 651-744-3346
Peterson, Annie English Language Teacher annie.peterson@spps.org 651-744-6135
Lawson, Dr. Fatima Principal fatima.lawson@spps.org (651) 744- 3292
Rose, Mary Fourth Grade Teacher mary.rose@spps.org 651-744-3319
Sanocki, Christan Kindergarten Teacher christan.sanocki@spps.org 651-744-4392
Shorina, Violetta Teaching Assistant violetta.shorina@spps.org
Spanjers, Deanna Administrative Intern deanna.spanjers@spps.org 651-744-3345
Staves, Lisa Special Education Teacher and Coach lisa.staves@spps.org 651-744-3356
Stern, Leah Second Grade Teacher leah.stern@spps.org 651-744-3298
Teske, Julie Pre-K Teacher julie.teske@spps.org 651-744-3330
Wood, Allison English Language Teacher allison.wood@spps.org 651-744-1687
Thein, Nana Education Assistant nana.thein@spps.org
Thomsen,Brant School Social Worker brant.thomsen@spps.org 651-744-3752
Kedrowski,Emily Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher emily.kedrowski@spps.org 651-744-3417
Williams, Trina Metro Social Services 651-744-3295
Vang, Gaonouchy Teaching Assistant gaonouchy.vang@spps.org
Feist, Susan Facility Service Worker susan.feist@spps.org 651-744-3330
Samson,Jenna School Psychologist jenna.samson@spps.org 651-744-7260
McGaughey,Paula Elementary Clerk paula.mcgaughey@spps.org 651-744-3290