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Learnig to Write and Writng to Learn

Writing takes time and practice! This page will introduce grammar and writing practice web pages,TABE LANGUAE practice and typing skills.  It's up to you to use them! Please feel free to ask questions at any time. I encourage shared learning with your classmates too. 

TYPING PRACTICE             

Learning through SONG            Song Lyrics (words)                                   Songs with Quizzes  (some songs are blocked) Try You'll Never Walk Alone

   What a Wonderful World               This Old Guitar      past tense practice    


Basic Guide to Writing and Grammar 

Explanations and Videos on parts of speech and grammar

Sentence, paragraph and Index of writing practice lessons             


Paragraph Basics

Writing Exercises


Reading Skills- Marshall ABE - Dictation and Writing Practice

1. The Verb  To BE explained    More Practice To Be    Verb BAnswer practice          Yes/No Question Practice        Yes/No Read and Practice   . 

2. What is a NOUN?     Proper Nouns Explained             Plural Nouns explained      --Proper or common nouns quiz          Proper Nouns Quiz   

3. What is a Pronoun?       Practice 1         Practice 2     Practice 3       Practice 4         Practice 5       Pronoun Contraction Quiz     

 4.     Practice with Possessive pronouns and adjectives                 

5. The Simple Present tense                Present Tense Review
More Practice of the present tense  

6. ADVERBS of FREQUENCY Explained      Explanation Video:Adverbs of Frequency     

 Make Sentences   and write them HERE        Quiz 1   Quiz 2   

7. Present Continous Click the lesson and continue with the exercises below the lesson.

8.  ARTICLES explanation    Quiz HERE-fill in on paper      Online quizzes   Here  and HERE  and HERE

9. Using Commas   Practice

10. Compound Sentences  using and, or, so, but

11. Use of because in compound sentences                      Listen to sentences with Because   
  - so/becasue quiz

12  Verb Tense Review and quiz           . 2. Verb Tense Quiz                          3. Verb Tense Quiz

13. Present vs Past

14. Make questions with Verb BE       Use Do verb in Yes/No Questions          Lesson to Compare Yes/No Activity questions and answers

15. SIMPLE sentences: Lesson   
Word Order: Practice putting the subjects, correct verbs and complements in order.  Exercise 1      Exercise 2     Choose from this list of exercises

17 Adjectives ending in ed  OR ing  LESSON  GAME

18.Topic Sentence Practice  Read and Practice         Choose the correct topic sentence

19. Comparatives and SUperlativers Lesson   Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz          Comparatives and Superlatives Quiz 

20 Possessive Adjectives                    More exercises

21. Read the Lessons on use of Future tense. Understand the difference between use of "will" and "be+going+to"

Simple Future Tense Explained   2.  Future Tense 

22.      Gerund and Infinitive Explained            Gerunds and Infinitives Quiz 1       Quiz 2        Lesson on Infinitive   

23. Verbs followed by Gerunds         Gerunds Quiz    

24. Practice SEQUENCE of EVENTS: Put in Order Menu        Practice with this story     

25. Practice using semi colon, colon

26. Perfect Tense Rules         Practice Perfect tense.   Have you practices the present perfect tense? Click HERE This site is more difficult, but it gives more examples for Present Perfect.

27     Basic Structure of Business Letter    

  Business Letter practice Quiz                        Common Phrases for Business English

28. Count and Non-Count Nouns  Quiz1      Quiz2

29. Practice with Quotations,  Shorter Explanation   Quiz1  Quiz 2     Type sentences with quotes

Reading, Language and Spelling Skills TABE LANGUAGE TEST PRACTICE