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Class Placement Input Due April 21 / Openings Still Available Gr 1-5

There are still many seats available for the 2017-18 school year. Contact the Student Placement Center at 651-632-3760 or apply online at

Each year parents ask the policy on class requests for the next school year. If you wish, you may write a letter or send me an email by Friday, April 21 describing:

  • Characteristics of teachers with whom your child has worked well in the past,
  • Special relationships with students or teachers
  • Your child’s strengths in learning, and
  • Any concerns about your child’s education or special needs.

We will use our experience, knowledge of children, understanding of educational fundamentals, family and staff input to develop class placements and to make sure each student is placed in the most supportive classroom. We consider many factors as part of the placement process, including individual needs and strengths, whole class needs, learning styles, academic levels, peer relationships, leadership qualities, behavioral factors, gender balance, and levels of parent classroom assistance.

Common requests include separating or placing together specific students. Children grow and change a great deal each year. We cannot always honor these requests, but will take them into consideration. If honored, the following year students may be separated or placed back into a class again.

Another common request is for a specific teacher. One of our top priorities is to create balanced classrooms where every child receives support. Although we look at these requests, they are one of our last considerations. It is far better to give descriptions of what you see as your child's needs, social, emotionally, academically, and instructionally.

Families have the opportunity to meet with the principal to learn more about our school, specific grade-level curriculum, and special programs if they feel they need more information about their child's next grade level. Our goal is to create the best quality experience for each child. Letters are due by Friday, April 21.